Company Policy

Refusal of Guest Entry to the Property of North Adelaide Boutique Stays Accommodation

The Management of this property regards staff safety as our number one priority, over and above customer bookings.

In the event of any person or persons who have entered the property (including entering under assumed or false names) and/or booked by a third party, North Adelaide Boutique Stays holds the legal right to refuse entry if any if the following conditions listed below are said to have been breached currently OR previously.

You may also refuse entry if you hold reasonable suspicion that illegal or unsavoury activities may take place or are taking place, should a person fitting the below criteria already checked in.

Please follow the company policy which is to explain to the customer that they have been refused entry and advise them your reason from the list below. Should the person or persons become agitated, argumentative or aggressive and make you feel unsafe in the workplace DO NOT enter into further discussion. Inform the customer of your clear instructions and give them this Company Policy letter, and advise them that in circumstances like this you are to call the police immediately.

Please advise them that they are being recorded on the 24 hour CCTV audio and video playback system.

Examples of eviction and right of refusal to hold a booking, include the following:

  1. Any persons that has previously been a guest and has left the room in an unsatisfactory condition, and, or, damaged property wilfully or not.
  2. Any person that has entered the property previously, who has been declined right of entry, and displayed signs of aggression, intimidation, or unsatisfactory behaviour.
  3. Any person that has extended a stay and has left the property without settling the account in FULL or any guest we have had to pursue for outstanding payment.
  4. Any persons whom you suspect is offering illegal services whilst staying on our property, including personal solicitation or personal services, illegal substance production/manufacturing, dealing in illegal substances, or USING illicit substances.

(**Please note however that we are not solely limited to evict based on the practises above, and you may use this right of refusal for a room reservation for other breaches of our standard terms and conditions).

With the owners and management being located off-site, it is imperative that you are proactive. Do not argue, advise your instructions, hand over this statement of Company Policy and RING THE POLICE IMMEDIATELY. Obtain the report number from the police, and advise the issue and police report number via email to Management.

Thank you.